Brochure design for ethical businesses


Brochures, catalogues, leaflets – an integral branding component
With so much emphasis on online marketing and advertising these days, it is easy to make the mistake of neglecting more traditional channels, particularly print media.
For the savvy marketing department this situation creates a major opportunity, since printed marketing materials have now become more effective than ever before. Targeting letterboxes rather than just inboxes will immediately get your business noticed, remembered and respected.
Using print media is also highly cost-effective and, when used as part of a marketing campaign, can often produce a better ROI than online advertising, which is becoming increasingly pricy.
The long-term benefits of the strategic use of print media can not be overstated.


A versatile means to communicate your message clearly and effectively
With the latest digital printing presses producing astounding quality full colour printed media of all shapes, sizes and formats, it is possible to communicate just the right message to meet your project requirements.
This might be a brochure to send out to an enquirer, or leaflets and flyers to distribute at trade shows or even distribute door-to-door, for green businesses and health services operating locally.
Brochures and large catalogues can be bound or stapled, whilst leaflets can be A4, A5 or A6 size and can be single page, bi-fold or tri-fold.
The example here is a DL size tri-fold design, perfect for trade shows, store displays and for mailing.


Never miss an opportunity to develop your brand image and identity
Conferences, trade shows and corporate communications are all great opportunities to build your unique brand and promote your business identity and ethos.

Well designed print media will not only get your message and services across to a potentially wide audience, but help build your brand for the long term.

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