Ethical social media strategy & management

Having an effective social media strategy is an essential and key component of the marketing mix for most businesses needing an online presence to build their brand and grow or simply maintain their client base.

Social media is today a prime method of communication chosen by businesses of all types to maintain customer contact, build their brand and manage their reputation. And this goes for most types of business – large and small, manufacturer, utility and health care provider alike.

The only difference is in the method in which the social media are used and which platforms are employed. We frequently use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube – the sites with the most users.

social media management
social media management and marketing

As a minimum, most businesses will be using Facebook, which works well for both Business to Customer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) relationship building. Often in combination with Twitter and/or Instagram.

And when the main goal is to build relationships with other business, then LinkedIn is often the best choice. This is also a good choice where your customer/patient demographic includes a large “professional” component.

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