Why clinics struggle with local Facebook advertising

Why clinics struggle with local Facebook advertising

When it comes to advertising your dental practice, or indeed any type of medical clinic, on Facebook, the first problem you’ll encounter is that most advice and guidance from so-called ‘marketing gurus’ is that they tend not to address the marketing of physical services provided at real locations.

The emphasis tends to be on the marketing of digital products and services or e-commerce sales, not actual services provided locally.

As a health care provider who isn’t marketing an information or e-commerce product, you need to be very careful about the advice you take.

Local social advertising is an art. But it’s an art that is seriously under-resourced, which is more than a nuisance when you consider that the greater part of the economy is made up of small businesses that can’t afford to spend money on advertising that doesn’t work.

And this describes most local advertising on Facebook.

Even the people at Facebook are a little unsure of the difference between their all-seeing global network and your very local business, which puts dentists and other health care providers in a tricky situation. After all, how do you advertise your clinic when seemingly no one—including Facebook itself—knows how to run decent local ads on Facebook?

Advertising to Small Audiences on Facebook

Facebook can seriously be considered to be the king of big data. However, when it comes to small data, the tables seem to be turned. This poses a problem for dentists and health clinics who need to advertise to a small audience, not a big one.
In fact, Facebook knows so much about their users that marketing should be easy. But this is unfortunately far from the case. There simply aren’t enough data points in a small user base for it to give us anything of great use.

This isn’t Facebook’s fault, it’s just what happens once you take a smaller audience sample. There simply aren’t sufficient people in a local Facebook audience to provide adequate data for a successful campaign.

For example, tests involving ‘Lookalike Audiences’ tend to produce highly unsatisfactory results even when compared with basic demographic targeting.

The solution is much more sophisticated and involves building your own audience based on actual interactions with media you put out on Facebook and your own website. And, to avoid wasting precious time and money yourself, it is highly recommended that you involve the services of a specialist local marketing consultant or agency who will know how to collect and work with the data your clinic is generating.